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“Six years ago we started our business from the relative obscurity and in the quite challenging market, where a lot to rely on how the word will spread among the clients. We had a good products, but how we'd let our potential clients to learn about it faster? Thanks to “Dotcompilots" team we became a one of the most recognized businesses on the Internet in our field – and quadrupled our sales in four years despite all that grim global economy. I think that what's called “awesome”! 5 years later after start with "dotcompilots" we become partners in this business.”

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December 14, 2020

A lot of specialized services or all-in-one internet marketing team?

For us, the answer wasn't obvious before we tested both ways. Finally, we found that the answer is not simply “yes”, but “yes!” — two times — in favor of one joined team, either it's part of your company or a contract partner.

June 4, 2020

The top twenty keywords with the highest cost-per-click rate

Wordstream has done a research discovering most expensive cost-per-click keywords.