Get Your Business Off the Ground

A lot of specialized services or all-in-one internet marketing team?

For us, the answer wasn't obvious before we tested both ways. Finally, we found that the answer is not simply “yes”, but "yes!" – two times – in favor of one joined team, either it's part of your company or a contract partner.

First, by having your internet marketing and web-development provided by an integrated team, whether it's your own department or a contracted all-in-one service provider, you'll save a lot of money this way. The main point here is not about higher price for separate service but the value of integration. When one team works seamlessly on the whole project, they need about 30 seconds to change some small thing in code to get better SEO or shorten a bit one of links length to have it looks better.

And, as soon as you have different teams working on content, programming, design and marketing you will inevitably pay for hours of cross-department communication routine.

Second, and even more important point, is the understanding of your product. Even best professionals need many hours of work to get full understanding of your company product, your market and your target group. So, the more people you have involved into your business from the scratch – the more understanding of your product and current market you'll have for free in the future.