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About Us

DotComPilots located in Ukraine and serving our customers all over the world. It's a small but creative team focused on research and implementation of most modern internet marketing technologies into life.

"Not services, but solutions."

"Not services, but solutions" is what we provide. We have very strong skills in all segments of internet marketing, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, cost-per-click advertisement, usability and code optimization techniques. But as a subdivision of bigger company and co-owner of several niche businesses we know that successful promotion should be based on tough integrity of all components including perfect product, perfect content, beautiful and useful site and smart promotion strategy.

Unlike many other companies, we don't try to get as much contracts as possible and sell as much different services as we can. In contrast, we concentrate on limited number of project at same time, taking time to deeply analyze market and company business advantages and designing full-range long-lasting strategy for your business.

We experiment with different strategies all the time so our customers got privileges of using results of our test and researches.

We proud to be not biggest but one of the most innovative companies in fluent world of internet.

We don't believe in traffic itself, in email databases itself and number of likes itself.

We think that only custom-tailored, multichanneling and well-focused promotion works as rocket engine for your business.

Our partnership with most of our customers lasts years as we always know what can be improved and how you may reach even better results.